More than 200 dogs rescued from puppy farm

More than 200 dogs have been rescued from an illegal puppy farm in Wales as rogue breeders were getting pets ready to cash in on the Christmas demand.

Dolphin slaughter continues in the Faroe Islands

The slaughter of dolphins in the Faroe Islands has continued after 53 more were butchered, just days after more than 1,400 were killed in a beach bloodbath that sparked global outrage.

Mother bear strangled cub then killed herself to escape bile farm

AN ABUSED mama bear strangled her cub to death before running into a wall to kill herself in a desperate bid to avoid a life of torture, it is claimed.

The tortured animals were living in captivity on a farm in a remote part of north-west China, painfully having their gall bladders milked daily for bile - which is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Frisky male Llandudno goats get stuck pursuing females

A herd of amorous goats have been saved after rescuers built a stairway made of hay bales from the bottom of a cliff.