Captive lions put down after they were left to starve

Thirty captive lions have been put down after they were left starving and untreated for wounds sustained when a fire ripped through their enclosure in South Africa.

Dallas Zoo Euthanizes Baby Giraffe After 'Catastrophic' Injury

The Dallas Zoo is mourning the loss of a baby giraffe following a "catastrophic" injury.

On Saturday, zookeepers noticed that Marekani, a 3-month-old giraffe born July 4, was walking with a limp sustained from an unknown injury.

The strange story of the white-naped crane that fell in love with her keeper

Walnut the white-naped crane isn’t like all the other girls. She and Chris Crowe, her beloved zookeeper with the avian-inspired name (we really can’t make this up!) have been domestic partners for 14 years and they’re still going strong

French President Macron wants to allow trapping of 110,000+ wild birds

Unbelievable but true: French President Emmanuel Macron is endorsing bird poaching! The day after the World Conservation Union’s World Congress in Marseille, where he declared his determination to raise the stakes of biodiversity protection to the level of the battle against climate change, the French President is preparing to authorise the trapping of more than 110,000 wild birds, even though the French Council of State and the European Court of Justice have recently declared this practice illegal