Girl, ten, survives -11C temperatures by cuddling a stray dog for warmth

A ten-year-old girl miraculously survived a ferociously cold night in a snow blizzard in Russia by clinging on to a stray dog for warmth.

Vika Z was found with frostbite hugging the 'fluffy' abandoned pet following a frantic search by police, officials and volunteers.

Asiatic cheetah Homino spotted in Bafgh for first time in years

Naiereh Pourmolaei, director-general of the Environment Department of Yazd Province in southeast Iran said on Monday that two environmental police officers who were patrolling in Ariz Wildlife Sanctuary in Bafgh county spotted a male Asiatic cheetah called Homino and started filming it.

Hopes that rare pine martens are breeding again in Shropshire

A CREATURE that a decade ago was considered to be extinct in Shropshire is now being seen in the county.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust say that 2021 was a great year for pine martens in the county having moved into the area in recent years.

When a mother's love is stronger than predatory instincts

Astonishing footage has emerged of a lioness appearing to lead a lone wildebeest calf back to its herd in what a wildlife official has described as 'an act of love'.