Turkish mosque gives a warm home for stray cats

An imam’s act of kindness found support among the congregation and a village mosque in northwestern Turkey is now home to stray cats seeking a cozy, warm place amid falling temperatures.

Seahorses released to halt population decline

On 16 November, a group of 60 seahorses (most of them born in captivity) were released into the Ria Formosa.

Police dogs given protective vests after thug stabbed dog in chest

Police dogs in the West Mercia police force area have been issued protective vests after a dog was stabbed in the chest.

The force says that both general-purpose and firearms police dogs (PDs) will wear the special clothing now.

The quiet solitude of thrushes in winter

I have always liked thrushes. They form a venerable and famous family of birds, but at the same time are common and familiar sights. I find this to be part of the appeal of birds in general — that creatures ripe with ancient and powerful associations, animals I might read about in old poems can enter in my daily life and add a dash of magic to the world.