French firm stops selling goldfish bowls claiming they drive the creatures ‘crazy and kill them quickly’

A French pet care company has stopped selling round fish bowls because they drive fish mad and kill them quickly.

Newborn giraffe dies at the San Diego Zoo two days after birth

A newborn giraffe at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park died at just 2 days old.

Rare twin elephants born in Kenya

Twin baby elephants have been born this week in a rare event at a national reserve in northern Kenya.

The male and female were first spotted by tour guides out on safari at the Samburu reserve at the weekend.

The man who built homes for 60,000 swifts

Retired salesman John Stimpson was so moved by the cries of birds unable to find nests, he decided to act. Now he has made enough boxes to house half the UK’s swifts.