Why DO geese fly in a V shape?

It’s one of the wonders of autumn to see hundreds of geese flying in a ’V’ formation across the morning and evening skies, often at quite low levels, constantly communicating with each other in a cacophony of honking.

Beloved monkey dies after battle with kidney disease

A howler monkey who lived at Washington D.C.’s National Zoo has died.

Reuben was euthanized after a long battle with chronic kidney disease, the Zoo announced in a tweet Friday. He was 23 years old.

Amazon rainforest animals are being illegally sold at markets in Peru

More than 200 species of wild animals sourced from the Amazon rainforest are being sold illegally at markets in Peru, an undercover investigation has revealed.

Center Parcs cancel all firework displays this winter to protect wildlife

Center Parcs has announced that they have scrapped fireworks at all of their parks this winter in order to protect wildlife.